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Dani Sanchez-Lopez Salo AEC during the cinematography of Mahanati, winner of an Indian National Award for Best Film

India | Spain | USA


Dani is an avid moviegoer, and loves to chat about film. He speaks five languages, yet thinks that visual language is universal. Born in Andalucía, the land of Lorca, Picasso and Valdelomar, he lives and works in between Los Angeles, India and Spain.


With laurels for his cinematography from the European Cinematography Awards, HatchFest, New York Cinematography Awards, Asian Cinematography Awards, and Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, as well as 3 Indian National Academy Awards, Dani lends his eye to films that aim to push for a version of reality in which we can understand the other. Diversity, Equality, Human Rights are at the core of his 8 feature films and 5 non-fiction features. Mahanati (The Great Actress), Virataparvam, Miseducation of Bindu, Duende, The Journey Within Coke Studio, or HEAL  are well known, and Polar or Chukkers will hit your screens soon.

He also works as Director/DOP with commercials and music videos for T-Series, Samsung, Estrella Galicia, Times of India, Robe or Yash Raj Films. @buddhistandqueer: The Path from Sarees to Robes marks his documentary directorial debut.

Dani studied Film and Visual Arts in Chapman University, Cornell University, the UK and Spain thanks to scholarships like La Caixa Fellowship. He enjoys sharing what he knows in workshops for institutions like FTII (Film and Television Institute of India), Chapman University, University of California Irvine, or NYFA in the USA, Sanjan Institute in Lahore, or UNIA and UCA in Spain.

Dani also exhibits his work in the museum space, with series like #rituals, River of Ashes, Transmission or Projections.

Dani Sanchez-Lopez
India   +91 9346472106
Spain   +34 627 1900 98

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