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CINEMATOGRAPHER | Director de fotograFÍA

Dani Salo measuring direct natural light on Sai Pallavi

Cinematography takes cues from Russian cinema and documentaries for the realism in Virataparvam

Robe Extremoduro during the shoot of Ininteligible by Dani Sanchez-Lopez AEC

Dani Salo AEC films the

flaming new music video for 

Los Robe - Ininteligible

Official poster for Chukkers, Dani Salo AEC


Dani Sanchez-Lopez AEC

shoots the first film about Polo. 


LESGAICINEMAD WINNER   @buddhistandqueer 

now nominated for Best Short Doc at Premios CARMEN and    Premios ASECAN

Macarena Gómez acting in Polar, shot by Dani Sanchez-Lopez AEC

Shooting 16mm film for Polar,

an Andalusian noir with a grandiose ensemble cast

Dani Salo shooting Mahanati, winner of an India National Award for Best Film

Film, a different way to capture reality. The cinematography of Manahati, winner of

Three National Awards

Feature films and short films

Commercials and music videos


Documentary work and videoart

INDIA   +91 93 464 72106

ESPAÑA +34 627190098

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